Nice and easy detangling spray to manage kinks an coils. Leaving hair soft and gentle. Directions: Spray product on dry or wet hair, detangle hair, rinse and style as usual.Ingredients: Distilled water, apple cider vinegar, rosemary oil, lavender, vegetable glycerin, emulsifier, JHC conditioner, fragrance and 1% perserve.Size: 16oz (only item that comes in 16oz)

Get the tangles out


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    Disclaimer: The products of Jazz Hair Creation does not make any guarantee for pre-existing hair conditions, restore or strengthen any hair type. JHC is not responsible for hair breakage or loss. Please consult a doctor prior to use, if you have existing medical conditions that pertain to your hair, including but not limited to hair loss, scalp or overall conditions pertaining to the head. Everyone will not have the same results. Return Policy:  All products are non refundable , All purchases are final and can not be returned nor exchanged.

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